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Privacy Policy

1. All reservations can be booked via our website, Bluko (Bluko.com) with a deposit of 20% of total tour cost at the time of reservation. Please Note that the 20% deposit is non-refundable unless the trip is cancelled by a representative of Bluko. Moreover, a full payment of the balance is needed at least 14 days prior to the departure date. If a full payment is not made before 14 days of tour date we will consider your reservation cancelled and deposit forfeited.

Any reservation made within 14 days of the departure date requires a full payment at the time of booking. If you do not submit a full payment at the time of reservation you will not be able to continue with your reservation.

2. All requests must be stated when booking your reservation. These requests include but limited to any dietary requirements and religious observances. However, in the case of special meals, we cannot guarantee any special meals nor will we assume any responsibility or liability if these special requests are not met. If we are not able to fulfill such requests it is “the traveler” (your) or “travelers” (your accompanying guest) responsibility to accommodate such needs.

3. If you would like to make any changes after the reservation has been made, you must contact Bluko via email or telephone. Any changes will require an amendment fee. The amendment fee is $10 per change. If changes are made 10 days prior to the departure date, a cancellation fee will also apply. Please see our cancellation policy.

4. Exchange Rate Policy: The quotes we provide are based on the most recently available rate of currency exchange. Though this rate is variable, we are typically able to absorb any minor fluctuations. However, if the change is too great we may need to recalculate our original quote to reflect the difference.

If you or any member of your party suffers from any physical challenge or medical condition or disability, which may affect your trip, you must check with your doctor about the advisability of travelling and you must make this known to us, Bluko before you book. 
We ask You to inform us when booking your trip of any special arrangements needed by You or any accompanying travelers. If we reasonably feel we are unable to satisfactorily accommodate your particular needs, we reserve the right to decline your reservation or ask that You to be accompanied by a person who is able to provide You or any travelers full assistance throughout the trip.  And Bluko is not responsible for denial of services by hotels, restaurants or other independent suppliers. 

Bluko will not accept liability for any loss due to any uncontrollable event such as damage or expense resulting from war, terrorist activities threatened or actual, civil unrest, industrial action threatened or actual, natural disasters, closures, unforeseen alterations to public transport schedules, rescheduling of aircraft or boats, epidemic or outbreaks of disease or any other event outside our control that would either delay or extend or reduces the trip, or compels a change in the trip arrangements after departure.

Bluko will not accept or assume any responsibility for any loss or damage sustained by You as a result of an obstruction of any law or regulation of any of the countries visited while traveling in Korea.

7. YOUR LIABILITY TO US You or any accompanying travelers will not be permitted to embark or continue on your trip if the mental or physical health is in the reasonable opinion of any representative of Bluko, such as to leave You unable to care for yourself, or whereby You become intolerable to other passengers, or You become a hazard to yourself or other passengers. We will not be responsible for expenses resulting in You being excluded from carrying out the itinerary for any reason, nor will Bluko or it’s representatives refund You any part of your trip. If any actions would be taken, in all cases we will inform You or any travelers of the reasons any action was taken. We will not assume any responsibility or obligation to arrange for an early departure to your country of origin when your condition manifests itself after the trip departure.

All travelers must purchase comprehensive (full) travel insurance before You travel on your trip. Your travel insurance protection must include coverage for medical expenses, repatriation expenses, accidental injury or death, loss of personal baggage and money, and personal liability insurance. Travelers must submit proof of such insurances to Bluko on request. If you have travel insurance through a credit card make sure to contact your credit card company, insurance coverage offered by credit card companies or reciprocal medical coverage agreements are usually not comprehensive insurance.

9. You hereby cover us against all third-party actions taken against us for loss or damage caused by or arising from your or any accompanying travelers’ participation throughout the duration of the trip.

10. In the event that You or any travelers may need to make a claim against Bluko related to your trip, You hereby assign us, any rights to take any action against any third party supplier or any other contracting person or party that Bluko reasonably considers to be a party responsible and to cooperate fully with Bluko should Bluko or its insurers wish to enforce those rights which have been assigned to Bluko.

11. In the event that You may need to make a claim against us which is covered by your insurance policy, You agree to pursue the claim through your insurer either in addition to, or in substitution for, your claim against us (if any). We agree to indemnify You in respect of reasonable expenses incurred in successfully pursuing such a claim and acknowledge that any settlement made by the insurer shall not prejudice your rights against us.

12. Bluko guide are not allowed to suggest or introduce recommendations that illegal and introduce any kind of immoral and illegal contrabands or activities. If a traveler asks the guide, the guide has the right to refuse remaining schedule without any agreement of traveler. And Bluko will not refund any fee for the tour paid by traveler.
If a guide tries to suggest anything illegal, please notify Bluko immediately.

If for any reason you feel any dissatisfaction with any of the services provided by Bluko, it is your responsibility to report it immediately to your tour guide so that action can be taken to fix the problem. Failure to inform the tour guide of any problem or dissatisfaction immediately may prejudice Bluko and may result in your ability to claim compensation from us being extinguished or reduced. If you wait to make any complaints to Bluko after the conclusion of the trip, you should do so in writing via email within 3 days of completion of the trip. In the event that You fail to notify us in writing via email within 3 days, Bluko’s ability to investigate the complaint may be prejudiced and may extinguish your claim.

Bluko has taken necessary measures to protect the personal booking information held by it. However, in order to make your full tour reservation and ensure that your travel arrangements run efficiently, we need to forward the information You provide to any third party, relevant suppliers who are responsible for parts of your travel arrangements. In making this reservation, you approve that any pertinent information be forwarded to any relevant parties unless You object and advise Bluko of your objection at the time of booking. Your information may also be provided to public authorities such as Customs or Immigration if required by them, or as required by law. This consent applies to any sensitive information that You may have provided us, such as details of any disabilities or dietary/religious requirements.

Bluko has committed itself to maintaining your privacy. Bluko.com gathers information about you as part of our operations. This Privacy Policy ("Privacy Policy") explains about the information we gather, what we will do with it and how you may correct or change that information.

2) Information Collected by Bluko.com Bluko.com collects two types of information about you - personal information (such as name and e-mail address) and aggregate information (such as information about how many users visit our site). 

- Personal Information Personal information is always collected when you voluntarily purchase services or register as a user on our website. Personal information may include, but not limited to e-mail address, passwords, telephone numbers, address and other data needed to provide our services to you. In addition, we will only require the minimum personal information necessary to provide the services you have requested.

- Aggregate Information We may gather aggregate information about overall user's online activities. For example, the number of unique visitors, pages accessed most frequently or searches entered. This information may be tracked through your Internet Protocol (IP) address, a unique number that is automatically assigned to your computer whenever you use the internet. When you request a page from our site, your IP address will be logged on our site. We may also collect aggregate information through the use of a cookie. A cookie is a small data file that sites store on your hard drive when you enter their page. Please note that most web browsers are set to accept cookies; however you can set your browser settings to refuse or alert you when cookies are being sent. However, some sections of our website may not function properly if you choose not to accept cookies. Moreover, we use aggregate information to improve your user experience. This information is use to determine which areas and features are most popular and may need improvement. More importantly, Bluko does not use your IP addresses or cookies to retrieve any personal information from your system.

3) Messages Sent through the System Bluko and Bluko.com provides a method of communication with the guides on our system. We reserve the rights to monitor messages sent or received by our system for the purpose of quality assurance and to ensure your compliance with the terms and conditions of Bluko.

4) Opt-Out You reserve the right to choose to have your e-mail address removed from our database at any time. To do so, please send an e-mail to info@bluko.com.

5) Updating and Correcting Information Bluko.com allows you to make changes to the information you previously provided. After logging on to your account with your password you may make changes to your account information.

6) Sharing Data with Third Parties Bluko.com does not share or sell any personal information with third parties unless required by a lawful request for instance a subpoena or if we believe that the health or safety of another person or the general public may be compromised if your information is not released. Aggregate information for Bluko is collected by a third party firm specializing in this area solely for the purpose of quality improvements. No personally identified information will be collected by the third party company.

7) Additional Information
Although we have taken extreme measures to protect your information we cannot guarantee that the transmission of data over the Internet will be completely secure. There is always the possibility for third parties to unlawfully intercept or access transmissions or private communication. While we endeavor to keep your personal information secure, Bluko.com cannot guarantee the protection of any information you transmit to us and we shall not be liable for any special, incidental or consequential damages you may suffer in the event that your transmission of data was intercepted.
Bluko.com reserves the right to change their Privacy Policy at any time. Any such changes will be posted online. If you have any questions concerning our Privacy Policy, please contact us via e-mail at info@Bluko.com.

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