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Filming location of Korean drama - "Nami island & Petit France"

When I hear Nami Island, first thing comes to mind is Winter Sonata. I believe that most Korean novela fanatics abroad started with Winter Sonata. Everyone, man or woman, fell in-love with Kang Joon-Sang (Bae Yong Jun) and Jung Yu-jin (Choi Ji Woo). Before even coming to Korea, I knew Nami Island would be one of the many places I must visit. I was a little disappointed when I was trying to book a tour to this island because almost all travel agencies require at least 2 travellers.

While in Korea, I've come to terms that I will not be visiting Nami Island on this trip and that, I'll concentrate on touring all of Seoul has to offer. I've decided to see all the palaces, hanok villages, museums, and other tourist spots accessible by subway. I've must have done something good in my life that I saw a link of different travel agencies while looking for other places to visit. I click on all the agencies on that website, and blukotour.com was one of them. I was ecstatic to see that the agency only require 1 traveller. I normally read about the agency and tour guides first before booking, but I was too excited so I looked at the different tours available. As it turned out, it saved me time going straight to the "find a tour" tab first. I saw Nami Island tour right away and on there, it also tells me who the tour guide is.

First, I would like to say that the website was very user friendly. The only issue I had was paying for the remainder of the purchased price. It didn't have a link to pay for it. It's not a big deal because each time I emailed Bluko Tour, I got a response in a timely manner. I'm also grateful that such travel agency doesn't discriminate tourist who likes to travel alone. I'll definitely use Bluko Tour's services again.

Secondly, Aaron was punctual. He was very nice and made me comfortable. Before going to this tour, I've already been with different tour guides. All of them very knowledgeable, nice, and passionate about being tour guides, and Aaron is definitely not an exception. I was also glad and thankful that he didn't mind how talkative and nosy I was. Furthermore, he took great pictures. I'm grateful that I got to try one of the Korean cuisine I wanted to try while in Korea. I think it's called Dak-galbi (chicken barbeque)? He is honest. I left my camera in his car, and he drove it back to me right away. I wouldn't ask for another tour guide if I were to visit Nami Island in Autumn. I just would like to add that I didn't get car sick while he's driving. I normally get car sick when I'm not the one driving.

Now the most important part of this review is the actual tour. I knew about Nami Island, but Petite France was news to me. When I booked this tour, I did it solely because of Winter Sonata. As a korean drama fanatic, I enjoyed both places. I appreciated these tourist spots because I saw where beautiful korean dramas come to life. Also, it was a good break from all the traditional (Palaces, Hanok villages, and museums) places I've visited. Nami Island is gorgeous specially the famous lined trees. I also like the part where you build mini mountain rocks. I was told by another tour guide that building mountain rocks without falling apart will make a wish come true. I am not sure if it’s true, but I made a wish anyways. The island have a lot of picturesque spots like the bridge, the hut, and the kimchee house. For half a day, I felt like I was Jung Yu-Jin.

Petite France, the name speaks for itself. It’s like I spent an afternoon in France, and I loved the view. I saw both Secret Garden and Beethoven Virus so I really like the fact that I got to see where both dramas were shot. There was also a band performance. Although I didn’t get to watch them perform, I got to listen to them. It was nice. I appreciated both Nami Island and Petite France. It was definitely worth it.

The only suggestion I have, I wish you had a Folk Village/Everland tour. I went to Folk village tour with another travel agency, and the place had more to offer than what I saw. I felt like the tour was rushed. I like Bluko tour because I leisurely enjoyed everything Nami Island and Petite France have to offer. I will definitely book my tours with your company again,and I hope you will have Folk Village, The Garden of Morning Calm, and Everland as part of your tours. It was a pleasure using your service. Gamsahamnida!!!

I made a collage of my pictures taken on this tour. I thank Aaron for all the great pictures!

Photo Content
Hi there, I want to thank all the bluko members that have make this trip come true we had a pleasant stay in Korea, we have visited so many places and we have enjoyed every day there with the guide, Gloria. We like very much our family gift. It was funny our Asian look, hahaha. Regards...
Date: 2013.11.02 | Views: 1253 | Comments: 0
Hi, we enjoyed ourselves very much. Moore is a good guide & very familiar with Mount Bukhansan. He is patient and did not rush us. He gave us time to rest during the hike. We would not hesitate to recommend him for this tour. I will send some photos in a separate email later. Thank...
Date: 2013.10.28 | Views: 1002 | Comments: 0
Thank you again for the darling caricature of my husband and me in Korea. What a charming memento. We thoroughly Enjoyed our trip with Bluko and our fabulous guide Aaron Yi who was friendly, prompt and knowledgable and a very careful driver........which is simply amazing in the aw...
Date: 2013.10.28 | Views: 949 | Comments: 0
We had a very comprehensive tour to DMZ with an excellent tour guide, Sonia, speaking perfect Spanish and showing a great knowledge of Korean economy and society. The agency was also very effcient and flexible to provide the right service to us. Antonio Embassy of Spain in Seoul
Date: 2013.08.26 | Views: 1408 | Comments: 0
We just wanted to say that we enjoyed the DMZ tour very much and our tour group leader was great. Pity about the weather and fog that prevented us from seeing all the sights but other than that we can really say that we had a great time with a great lunch included. Thank you all very m...
Date: 2013.07.15 | Views: 1404 | Comments: 0
The tour was great and very interesting, I found out about bluko via google. Regards Rob
Date: 2013.06.25 | Views: 1367 | Comments: 0
Hi,Yes. They really enjoyed the trip. They really had a great time with Aaron. Even planning for next trip in Autumn. Thank you for your warm treat.They hope to meet Aaron again....Regards Alfina
Date: 2013.06.20 | Views: 1621 | Comments: 0
Dear Bluko,Yes we enjoyed the tour. It was well organized and the experience was very meaningful to us.Thank you!Sincerely,Tristan
Date: 2013.06.12 | Views: 1386 | Comments: 0
Hello, The tour was a wonderful experience and Aaron was very knowledgable and helpful. If I ever return to Seoul again I would definitely sign up for another Bluko tour. Thank you so much for making my first visit to Seoul an amazing experience. I read about your tours through a Visit...
Date: 2013.05.27 | Views: 1326 | Comments: 0
Filming location of Korean drama - "Nami island & Petit France" When I hear Nami Island, first thing comes to mind is Winter Sonata. I believe that most Korean novela fanatics abroad started with Winter Sonata. Everyone, man or woman, fell in-love with Kang Joon-Sang (Bae Yong Jun)...
Date: 2013.05.03 | Views: 8010 | Comments: 0
Hi, I enjoyed the trip very much. It was very well organised. However, it was a pity that we couldn't get to enter the meeting room. Regards, Blanche
Date: 2013.04.26 | Views: 1777 | Comments: 0
Hello, We did enjoy the tour a lot. Very interesting and was great experience We hope to come back to your beautiful country. If we do so, we will contact you of course. Bye and thanks. Regards, Alfonso
Date: 2013.04.26 | Views: 1460 | Comments: 0
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