Do you want to join a boring group tour with people you don’t know?

Do you want to be stocked in crammed schedule?

Do you want to spend time to find direction?

If not…

One of the delights of traveling with our guide is that you learn things you can’t have gleaned from guidebooks. Korea’s beauty is not simply skin deep.

Search our website to find out why Bluko is different and join Us!

Bluko allows you to Touch and Feel Korea with a reliable guide. You can venture historic sites and neighborhood of the old and new Korea without the worries of spending time at shopping centers.

A Wonder of Wint..
'2015 Hwacheon Sancheoneo Ice Festival' / Ice fishing Don't let the cold weather keep you inside th...
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Special 'My Love..
Special 'My Love from the Star' Exhibition tour - Korea drama tour, Korea private tour, K drama tour ...
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Skiing at Yongpyeong resort - Yongpyeong Ski Resort, Gangneung, Samyang ranch / Korea tour agency, Ko...
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Seoul Sights & F..
Seoul Sights & Flavors - Korea private tour, Seoul private tour, Seoul culinary tour Prepar...
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'Jeongeup maple ..
'Jeongeup maple tree festival' Warm Fall Colors Announce Nature's Joy - Korea tour package, Korea tou...
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My Love from the..
My Love from the Star & Brief Seoul tour - Korea drama tour, Korea TV show tour, Korea drama loca...
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Our Guides Are
Gloria(Oliva) / ..
¡Hola! Mucho gusto en conocerle. En primer lugar, estoy muy contenta de presentarme. Mi nombre es G...
13-09-04   View: 1032
Hi everyone ^^ It’s my pleasure for me to introduce myself. My name is Sylvia. I have been working as...
13-06-26   View: 1449
Dee(Jeju island)
Hi! My name is Dee, Jeju travel guide. The word ‘Travel’ comes from ‘travail’ which means ‘hard worki...
13-06-01   View: 1835
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